tire blow outIt can be a traumatic and potentially dangerous situation when you are driving and something goes wrong with your tires especially at highway speeds. Perhaps there was a separation, blowout or some unexpected flat. Whatever the situation, if a tire is defective and causes someone to crash, the results can be disastrous. Unfortunately, defective tires are more common than they should be and people are unaware of the dangers involved.

At Clark Fountain, our Florida tire defect attorneys have handled hundreds of tire defect cases and are aware of what causes tire problems and how defects can affect drivers on the road. We provide a list of the top 10 types of tire defects that people experience in hopes of educating drivers more and allowing them to understand what can happen to their car.

The most common tire defects include:

  1. Tread separation
  2. Tread and steel belt separation
  3. Tire made without all specified components
  4. Improper puncture repair
  5. Tires made without the know separation prevention design features
  6. Tire not suitable for vehicle
  7. Retread failure
  8. Tire damaged during mounting process
  9. Manufacturing defects
  10. Tires that look good but are old

These are serious defects. For instance, if the tread separates, it is often followed by a complete blowout. Unfortunately, this could be due to a design defect or any number of manufacturing defects such as certain elements being present or left out during the manufacturing process.

The law also holds tire shops and any other company in the chain of distribution of the tire responsible for selling defective tires, because these companies put the tire into the stream of commerce.

Sometimes tires appear fine, but separate, go flat or lose air unexpectedly. This could be because of the faulty tire stem, or a whole host of other reasons.

If you experience a defective tire that causes an accident, reach out to our Florida personal injury team at Clark Fountain today. We’re here to hold manufacturers accountable when their products are defective and cause injuries. Tire defects are more common than most people think. If a tire is recalled, you should act quickly to get it replaced to avoid a catastrophic experience.

Call our Florida tire defect lawyers today. We are ready to help you.

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