Tire defects can cause devastating injuries. This is because bad tires often cause the most serious types of crashes, like rollovers. When the sidewall deforms, SUVs and trucks can tip over. These types of accidents have a 50% fatality rate.

Sidewall deformity is an issue that can also lead to another major tire defect: blowouts. Tire blowouts can cause drivers to lose complete control in heavy traffic, and devastating crashes are likely. It can be difficult on the surface to determine the cause of an accident, but our Florida tire defect lawyers know what to look for, such as:

  • Defects leading to deteriorated sidewalls
  • Bad tire beads
  • Bad tread or retreaded tires
  • Failure to advertise a tire’s age
  • Missing tire markings, indicating potential recalls

Significant Case Results


Confidential Settlement Reached in Missouri Tire Blowout and 15 Passenger Van Rollover Case


Severe injures as the Result of an Accident Where a Large Commercial Truck’s Tire Blowout

Commonly Recalled Tire Manufacturers

The following companies have recalled their tires in the last year alone:

  • Bridgestone
  • Hanook
  • Hercules
  • Dynamic Tire
  • Continental
  • Jinyu

Tire manufacturers have long been held accountable for poor design or construction of their tires. Contaminants in the material expired adhesives, or bad manufacturing practices lead to unsafe, unusable tires—that are then sold to consumers who unwittingly drive on four impending disasters. Check the safety of your tires by running them through the NHTSA database. If your tires are considered unsafe, replace them immediately.

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Preserving the Evidence to Strengthen Your Claim

Proving tire defect claims can be difficult if the attorney does not have access to the evidence, or gets it too late. Because of the time-sensitive nature of these claims, contacting a tire defect attorney as soon as possible is encouraged. If the officer who reported your accident told you a tire blowout or possible defect was involved, or you just suspect that this may have been the cause, contact us right away so that we can uncover potential defects such as: faulty construction, mistakes in manufacturing the tire, skim stock defects, bad tire beading, tread issues such as separation or shredding, and bad design leading to explosion or blowout.

Did Your Tire Defect Lead to a Crash?

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