I am a trial lawyer who gets the rare opportunity to work with law firms all over the country. I see the good and the bad in many different areas. Clark Fountain, however, stands out. They are one of the absolute best around. Not just Florida. Anywhere. They are serious trial lawyers who get excellent results in tough cases. They take cases to a jury when other firms would feel forced to settle. They’re not settlement lawyers looking to take the money and run – they’re trial lawyers who demand and get what justice requires. I have now worked with Don Fountain on several cases and can say without question that he is the smartest and most prepared lawyer in the room. He works tirelessly to ensure that every single stone is overturned in every case. Along with Don, Ben Whitman and Julie Littky-Rubin are first rate, both personally and professionally. And most importantly, they go to the mat for their clients – and their clients love them for it

Drew Ashby, Esq