Florida is near the edge of some of the most popular waters in the world, with scenic beaches and warm temperatures year-round. It’s no wonder that people enjoy watersports in our region, including out-of-towners and residents alike. However, higher volumes of watersports mean a greater likelihood of an accident, some of which are caused by defects in watercraft products.

The Different Types of Watercraft

In Florida, the term “watercraft” can include:

  • Jet boats
  • Small fishing boats
  • Leisure boats/yachts
  • Any vehicle meant to be used on the water
  • Jet skis / personal watercrafts

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This is only one product—other watercraft defects have been discovered in other products that affect the driver’s ability to control the vehicle. Since powerboats and other waterborne recreational vehicles travel at such high speeds, this can result in devastating injuries, even fatalities. 4,000 accidents occurred in recreational boating in 2014 alone, leading to more than 600 deaths.

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With more than 200 years of experience, our West Palm Beach watercraft defects attorneys are seasoned litigators with the skill and resources to make sure manufacturers are held accountable for your pain. Those who suffer serious accidents often do not have the money to continue taking care of themselves—paralysis, loss of earning capacity, and medical treatment can cause victims to suffer even more. We find that unacceptable.

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At Clark Fountain, we have board-certified trial specialists who devote their entire careers to product liability and making sure unsafe and defective products are taken to task for the harm they cause. If you have suffered as a result of your injuries on a defective watercraft, let us handle your case. We provide for all the expenses and legal fees of your claim, and we never collect a fee unless you receive compensation.

Significant Case Results

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Firm Obtains $200 Million Verdict Against the Largest Boat Manufacturer

Firm Obtains $200 Million Verdict for Family, Whose Son Was Killed Due To A Defectively Designed Boat