Lawyers Representing Plane Crash Victims in Florida

While planes may statistically be the safest mode of transportation, that doesn’t mean accidents aren’t prone to happen. More than that, when aviation accidents do occur, they can be all the more devastating. The extreme nature of such crashes often results in more fatalities, leaving behind devastated family members and loved ones. Whether you have been injured in a plane crash or helicopter accident, or lost a loved one, Clark Fountain is ready to stand by your side.

Aggressive & Caring Advocates for the Injured

Not all firms are equipped to handle complex aviation accidents. When you come to Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman, you can confidently choose us knowing we have 200+ years of experience to back up our representation. On top of that, we have recovered more than over a Billion dollars for our clients over the last few decades. Our plane accident attorneys know how to handle tough and complex cases.

We are proud to represent injury victims and loved ones involved in:

  • Commercial airline accidents
  • Helicopter crashes
  • International aviation accidents
  • Military contractor crashes
  • Small plane or private plan accidents

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Investigating Airplane & Aviation Crashes

Our attorneys don’t waste a moment when you come to us—we get to work right away investigating the cause of your aviation case and doing everything in our legal power to secure justice on your behalf. We have a history of successfully taking on major corporations, companies, and entities.

The Florida aviation accident attorneys at our firm can identify casual factors such as:

  • Airline negligence
  • Design or manufacturer defects
  • Pilot / crew errors
  • Blatant misconduct / acts of terrorism
  • Component failure
  • Negligent supervision
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Before you speak to the National Transportation Safety Board investigator involved in your case—or an insurance agent—make sure you discuss your case with the team at Clark Fountain. When you retain our legal representation, we align our interests with yours, always making you the number one priority. We understand that this is your case and your future. That is why we are here to guide you through this time as you make major decisions following your aviation accident.

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