I am a sole practitioner attorney, practicing over 20 years in South Florida and state without reservation that I would strongly recommend the Firm of Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman for any personal injury matter. Over the years I have not only referred by clients to the firm, but my family members as well. They have always provided excellent representation for these clients. I have been extremely impressed and grateful for how the firm provides both my clients and myself (as the referring attorney) excellent information and status on the progression of the case. The Firm has always taken the extra step to ensure not only that they diligently work hard and thorough for their clients, but also that the client is fully informed and well guided in the entire process. Most impressive for me though, is the fact that although the lawyers are extremely knowledgeable and successful in their field, they treat their clients like they would their own family, with compassion, understanding and appreciation.

Lewis K. Hanna, Esq.