Vehicle fires are among the most harmful results of a car crash or automotive defect. Engines are powerful machines, and for the most part, they’re designed to remain safely inert. But when fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source intersect, the safest car can quickly turn into a dangerous cage.

If you or a loved one was severely injured or burned as a result of a car fire, you may be entitled to a car defect lawsuit. While maintenance issues can lead to fires, cars should be designed to never catch fire. Unfortunately, manufacturers make mistakes—mistakes our clients have had to pay for. The law firm of Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman fights for clients to receive the medical support and financial security they deserve from the carmakers who took it from them.

Common Causes Of Vehicle Fires

In order for a fire to happen, there must be three things present: oxygen, fuel, and an igniter. Car makers purposefully make it difficult for these things to be present together. However, leaking fuel lines and defective O-rings (which seal fuel tanks) can lead to fuel leakage. When combined with frayed electrical wiring, this can lead to a devastating car fire.

Other possible causes of car fires include:

  • Poor fuel tank positioning
  • Fuel tank pressure issues
  • Defective fuel system
  • Electrical flaws with fuel leaks

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Nissan & Mazda Fuel System Issues

Nissan and Mazda both have issued massive recalls on their vehicles for fuel system issues. Mazda recalled their Mazda6 model from multiple years because the fuel lines are prone to clogging, creating dangerous pressures that can crack the fuel tank. Nissan’s Altima and Maxima 2016 models had a defective O-ring prone to leakage and creating the possibility of combustion on impact.

How Clark Fountain Can Help After a Car Fire

Our firm is one of the most highly-renowned car accident firms in south Florida because we believe in justice, in passionately fighting for fairness to the fullest extent of the law. People who suffer severe burns from car fires often don’t have the money to pay for their medical treatment and long-term care, their emotional trauma, or even for legal representation. Clark Fountain can help with all of that.

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We allow all clients to have access to high-quality representation because our firm covers the cost of your case upfront, and we don’t collect a fee unless you receive compensation. Our work has allowed our clients to have the financial security and closure they need after a tragic vehicle fire. Let’s see what our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys can do for you—contact us as soon as possible.

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