A roof collapse, or “roof crush,” is a common effect of a rollover accident that can lead to serious injury or death. What happens is the structural supports of the vehicle (the doors, the roof supports, etc.) will fail under the weight of the vehicle’s engine block and undercarriage. While some people might see this as a natural issue in rollover accidents, cars are specifically designed to meet NHTSA roof strength standards.

If your car’s roof failed in a rollover accident, then there is a good chance your car is defective. Cars are legally mandated to be able to withstand 2.5 times its own weight on its doors and structures. When it fails to do so, they put passenger lives at risk. Roof collapses are responsible for neck and head injuries, paralysis, and death. In fact, some safety advocates believe that rollover fatality rates are owed to roof collapse. Rollovers themselves are not the deadly component—it’s what happens to passengers when their vehicles stop rolling that could lead to potential injury or loss.

Steps to Take After a Roof Collapse Accident in Florida

At Clark Fountain, we urge you to reach out to us immediately after a car accident with a roof crush component. These serious and dangerous accidents deserve to be made public in court, and manufacturers who fail to do their jobs correctly ought to be made legally liable for the costs and suffering their customers receive.

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