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Top Tire Safety Tips

Tire Safety BY

While there are numerous dangers on the road that can cause an accident, many people don’t realize that their own vehicle can pose some risks. Issues can occur with any part of the vehicle, but when something happens with the tires, any car can lose control and cause a massive collision. At Clark Fountain, our Florida car accident attorneys know the consequences of a tire defect. This is why we offer tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Choosing the Right Tires

Your choice of tire should be based on a number of factors such as the way you drive, how far your commute is, weather conditions, and more. You also want to make sure that the tire is rated well for your vehicle. It is important that you understand how certain conditions can wear down your tread and cause you to lose friction.

Check Tire Pressure and Tread

If you check your vehicle, you will find detailed instructions on what pressure your tires should have. This should be maintained with checks at least once each month and before longer trips. Also, the tread should be checked regularly to make sure you are not driving on bald tires. While you are at it, you can make sure there’s nothing wrong with the walls of the tire.

Check for Aging Tires

Many tire manufacturers suggest tires be removed from a vehicle after a certain number of years have passed from the date that the tire was manufactured. Depending on the specific manufacturer, it is recommend that tires be removed after six years or, at the very most, after ten years. This is because, over time, the rubber on a tire becomes oxidized, worn down and brittle. As a result, although the tire may look “good” (i.e. – there is still visible tread on the tire), the tire is more susceptible to a potential tread belt separation or tire blowout, and should be removed immediately upon reaching the recommended age.

Make Sure Your Spare is Good

If something goes wrong with one of your tires, you need to make sure you are covered. This means your spare tire should be maintained as well. If you are not sure how to check the spare tire, take it to a professional. These tires can age as well so you must check to make sure they are safe to use.

Check for Recalls

Unfortunately, there are a number of tire recalls that occur each year. This means some vehicles are out there with defective tires that could cause serious damage. By checking on the most recent recalls, you can be aware of issues with your tires and act accordingly to have them replaced.

It is very important to make sure you check your tires so you, your passengers, and anyone else on the road are safe. If you sustained an injury in an accident caused by the other driver due to a tire issue, seek legal counsel. Our firm will work to determine if the other party is liable and what can be done on your behalf. Call today.

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