Mon 3rd Feb | 2014

Wrongful Death Caused by Defective Tires

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Automobile accidents are always an inconvenience; you must deal with not only the loss of the vehicle but also the time to replace or repair it, as well as the aggravation of trying to live your daily, hectic life without your vehicle to help you along. But when an accident happens resulting in death, and that accident is proven to have been caused by faulty or defective tires, it is utterly devastating as the death was preventable. Only because of the negligence of a corporate entity is your loved one gone.

Accidents caused by faulty or defective tires that lead to the death of your loved one require legal assistance to ensure you are getting the compensation for your loss that you deserve. Not only will you be eligible for any medical bills that accrued immediately following the accident; you are eligible to be compensated for funeral costs, lifetime lost wages, and survivor’s loss, grief, and suffering.

Examples of Tire Defects

There are several different ways tires can be faulty or defective. The tires could have been mounted improperly on the vehicle. The tires could be part of a manufacturers’ recall, or they could contain faulty retreads. A defective spare tire can cause devastating injuries or death. And if a used car dealer sells a vehicle that has old, worn-out tires he can be held liable if a fatal accident occurs due to tire failure. There are also cases where tire dealers sell used tires that have been shined up, passing them off as “new” tires. In fact, there is the potential for claims against not only tire manufacturers, but mechanics, new or used car dealerships, body shops, and tire dealers.

Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers Handling Tire Defect Cases

If your loved one has been killed in an accident that you suspect may have been caused by faulty or defective tires, contact the Florida law offices of Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman. Our experienced team of litigators and personal injury attorneys can get you the compensation you need to help you cope with such a traumatic loss.

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