Thu 21st Oct | 2021

Unnecessary Surgery Results in Loss of Hand Function

Our client fell at her home while doing yard work and sustained a left elbow radial head fracture. Because of the severity of the fracture, surgical intervention was necessary. Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in permanent numbness and tingling in the median nerve distribution, which affected the thumb and index fingers and prohibited her from engaging in typical daily activities. As a result of the botched surgery, our client underwent multiple additional surgeries. She was never able to improve the loss of use in her hand and fingers that originated after the initial surgery. Associate Michael Smith retained multiple experts and filed suit against the healthcare provider alleging the surgery should have never been performed and that it was not performed correctly. The case successfully resolved for a confidential amount, which will help compensate our client for future medical needs and loss of her working ability as a health care provider – a position she held prior to her injury for more than 16 years.