Mon 20th Dec | 2021

Firm Client Electrocuted At Historic Hotel While On Vacation In Florida

While on vacation at a historic hotel in Florida, firm client was violently electrocuted in the outdoor pool area. The client was taken by EMS and admitted to a local hospital after suffering burns, arm, shoulder and heart injuries.

The client ultimately underwent multiple surgeries to attempt repair of the client’s rotator cuff and bicep tendon which were destroyed from the electrical current. The client was left with severe loss of use and performance of his arm and disfigurement.

In addition, he underwent a cardiac catheterization angioplasty implant to repair heart damage.

Partner Mark W. Clark and attorney Jennifer A. Dinetz filed a lawsuit against the hotel on behalf of the client and after establishing negligence on the hotel for causing the electrocution. A substantial confidential settlement was obtained for the clients.