Mon 20th Dec | 2021

Clark Fountain Obtains Confidential Settlement for Severely Injured Client in Federal Court Trucking Case Filed in Illinois

Firm client was on his way home for the Christmas holidays and was in the process of making a final delivery in Edwardsville, St. Louis. While he was stationed at the Proctor Gamble warehouse his tractor-trailer was struck by a “Bobtail” tractor which was speeding in the parking lot.

As a result, our client suffered severe injuries to his left foot, neck, and low back, requiring emergency medical treatment. He was subsequently treated by multiple orthopedic surgeons and a foot specialist. Ultimately, he underwent a cervical disc replacement surgery and required a microendoscopic discectomy to his lumbar spine. He also underwent a right foot second metatarsal dorsum fracture debridement.

Due to his significant and incapacitating injuries, our client was unable to continue his employment as an inter-state tractor-trailer driver. Consequently, his physical condition limited his ability for vocational employment. He subsequently began suffering from symptoms of depression which required a psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois and was set to go to trial in July of 2021. The Defendants hired multiple experts to defend their case, including an accident reconstruction expert who was also a medical doctor, an orthopedic physician, and a forensic psychiatrist. However, the Federal Judge sent the case back to a third mediation, wherein Clark Fountain was able to obtain a significant confidential settlement for our client.