Thu 21st Oct | 2021

13-Year-Old Girl Left Brain-Damaged and Suffers Amputation

Our clients took their daughter, who was diagnosed with bronchitis, to the emergency room when she spiked a 105 fever. In the emergency room, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Concerned with sepsis, an echocardiogram was ordered. Three days after it was performed – and while the child’s condition was worsening – it was read as normal. In reality, the echocardiogram showed vegetation in the right ventricle of the heart – a diagnosis that requires immediate medical treatment. Because of her worsening condition, the parents arranged for their daughter to be transported to a tertiary center children’s hospital for critical care, where it was discovered the original echocardiogram was misread and that the left and right ventricles now had vegetation.

Despite emergency treatment, the child suffered clots throughout her body resulting in a massive stroke and amputation of her left leg. After three years of investigation and litigation, which included more than 100 doctors and 20 expert witnesses, Partner Nancy La Vista, Attorney Michael S. Smith and the medical malpractice team at Clark Fountain resolved the case for a confidential amount. The settlement will provide financial security for the young girl and her family and allow her to continue to receive proper medical care for the rest of her life.