Mon 10th Jun | 2013

When the Insurance Company Doesn’t Want to Pay

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Whether you own a small business, been involved in a car accident or need to make a homeowner’s claim, after you’ve paid your insurance premiums you expect insurance to pay the claim. After all, that is why you paid the premiums. Unfortunately, many people are shocked to find they have difficulty collecting on their claim from an insurance company that was all too happy to collect their premiums.

Why won’t the insurance company pay?

Insurance companies may have several reasons for not paying your claim, and Florida business lawyers know the most common reasons are as follows:

  • The insurance company disputes your claim. The insurance company may cite insurance fraud or dispute some claims that you have made – even if they are valid.
  • The insurance company may not consider longer-term costs or all costs. Structural damage can have far-reaching effects. Some injuries don’t heal quickly and take months to overcome. Insurance companies frequently want to deal with the short-term consequences, as they are less costly.
  • The insurance company may want to settle claims quickly and inexpensively. In many cases, an insurance carrier will want to settle a claim fast – before the full extent of damage, injuries and possible long-term expenses are even known. This can make it harder for you to get the fair compensation for your claim.

When you need a business litigation attorney in Florida

Insurance companies often try to rush people into settlements before all the facts are known. Business litigation attorneys in Florida know that time is needed to understand the full cost of the issue behind an insurance claim in order to prevent future financial burdens.