Wed 1st Apr | 2020

Understanding Cruise Ship Outbreaks

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When most people think of cruise ship accidents, they think of major maritime disasters like the Titanic. Nevertheless, outbreaks of viral diseases are much more common – and much timelier. Cruise ship companies are already facing their first lawsuits over COVID-19 and have suspended global operations due to the virus.

Before the coronavirus craze, however, cruise ships were frequently sued for outbreaks of acute gastrointestinal illnesses like norovirus.

What Is Norovirus?

Norovirus is an extremely contagious virus notorious for causing intense vomiting and diarrhea. The virus can spread through contaminated foods and surfaces and from infected people to others. Because it can spread so quickly and cruise ship passengers live in such close quarters, one instance of norovirus can quickly become an outbreak. For this reason, cruise lines have a heightened responsibility to keep their premises clean and do everything in their power to prevent the illness from coming aboard.

What If I Get Sick on a Cruise?

In the event of a viral outbreak like norovirus or COVID-19, passengers can attribute their illness to their cruise and may have an easier time proving negligence. Filing a lawsuit after a cruise ship outbreak essentially assets that you would not have gotten sick if the cruise line took the appropriate precautions to prevent your illness.

Using An Outbreak As Evidence

Cruise ships are required to report notable outbreaks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which means evidence is often accessible via public records. In 2020, for instance, Princess Cruises already has one documented outbreak of norovirus and another with an “unknown causative agent.” The same cruise line has also been associated with coronavirus.

Those affected by any cruise ship outbreak may be able to recover damages related to their illnesses. This could include compensation for medical treatment, recovery time, and pain and suffering.

Getting Legal Help

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