Fri 9th Sep | 2016

Samsung Issues Worldwide Recall of Galaxy Note 7

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On Friday, Samsung announced that they were recalling the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide due to reports of the device battery catching fire while charging. The device was unveiled just last month, making this a big setback for the company.

The company announced that it had found problems with the batteries in some of the Note 7 phones and sales in 10 different countries would be halted. Customers will be offered a free new phone in the upcoming weeks. The recall is set to replace 2.5 million devices that have already been sold across the world, including in the United States. It was also reported that devices sold in China don’t appear to have the same issue due to their use of a different battery supplier.

There have been 35 reports worldwide thus far.

Samsung has said that customers would be able to exchange their device for a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge. They would also receive a refund for any of the Note 7 accessories purchased and a $25 gift card or bill credit.

The device had received a lot of praise from reviewers due to new features and design. Now, with the potential for danger, Samsung must come up with a plan over the next few weeks to determine how best to handle the recall.

When products have defects, they become dangerous for consumers, as is the case with the Galaxy Note 7 and the potential for fire. This could result in a serious burn injury for those nearby when the phone is charging.

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