Wed 8th Mar | 2017

Products Paralegal Cheryl DiStefano Article Featured in Paralegal Voice

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Florida Registered Paralegal Investigator, Cheryl DiStefano of Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman has recently been featured in the March 2017 Quarterly Journal of the Paralegal Voice, a legal publication for paralegals supported by the Attorneys Information Exchange Group (AIEG). The article – 2017 New Year, New Beginnings, Cheryl’s discusses her recent attendance at the AIEG Paralegal Seminar in Orlando, Florida, and how it helped serve as a reminder for other Paralegals of the importance of resources and support provided by legal organizations such as AIEG, as well as the value paralegals can gain by beginning a new year on the right foot.

As a legal professional with a career spanning 30 years, Cheryl is very adept at handling product liability cases for Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman, from the ground up. Her main focus is to maintain organization yet at the same time, provide the client with that personalized support so desperately needed during the often long and protracted challenging legal journey.

Cheryl points out, New Years is an opportune time to become reacquainted with your files. She offers readers a glimpse of her goals to make organizations run more efficiently by going through all case files, discarding items that are no longer needed, filing new research that can prove beneficial in cases, and starting off on a clean slate.

Cheryl goes on to discuss the roles paralegals play in a busy legal environment, and that the key to managing all the moving parts stems from organization. Often a preceptor to new staff, Cheryl points out the value of prioritization and good habits in an effort to help other paralegals manage their daily workloads. While workloads can ebb and flow and demand longer hours, Cheryl states, it is still important for legal professionals to not overwork themselves, and to give themselves the necessary time to decompress. This decompression, the theme of her article makes clear, is invaluable in allowing paralegals to maintain high quality work and provide the support attorneys and clients need.

Cheryl DiStefano began her career in the legal field at the age of 19, and has since cultivated a reputation for her unwavering commitment to clients and their cases. Having served as a legal assistant to Don Fountain for over 23 years prior to becoming a certified paralegal, Cheryl has played a vital part in building the firm’s product liability department and expanding the team.

Cheryl’s passion for law and for making a difference extends well beyond the boundaries of the Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman’s legal team and the clients they represent. Cheryl supports many of the firm’s charitable endeavors and events supporting child welfare and safety. Cheryl has shared her insight and decades of experience to help other paralegals and legal professionals make the most out what can be a very rewarding career. It is for this reason that AIEG featured Cheryl’s article in their recent quarterly journal and why everyone in the legal community can succeed through sharing.