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Most Common Single-Vehicle Accident Cases We Handle

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A single-vehicle accident is one where only one motor vehicle is involved in a crash. Compensation for injuries suffered in a single-vehicle accident can sometimes be a challenge. The initial reaction to a single-vehicle crash is that it must be the drivers fault, but this is often not true. Because of this, when you are involved in a single-vehicle accident on Florida roadways, it is best to speak with a lawyer who understands how to obtain the monetary compensation you deserve. Many of the largest and most significant cases we have handled involve single-vehicle crashes.

Single Vehicle Crash: Determining Who Is Responsible

We know what you’re thinking, how can someone else be responsible for my single-vehicle crash? There are several ways another person or company may be responsible for your single-vehicle accident in Florida.

Defective or Recalled Automobiles

Perhaps the designer of the car you were driving made a critical flaw in their calculations, causing the vehicle to be too top-heavy and prone to flipping. Or maybe the design is fine, but the auto parts manufacturer used substandard materials that do not perform correctly or were damaged in the manufacturing process. Finally, the design and manufacture of the vehicle may be without defect, but subsequent vehicle maintenance performed on your car was done incorrectly. 

Whenever another party, such as the car designer, manufacturer, or mechanic failed to perform their part up to standard, and that failure led to your accident, you may be able to seek compensation from them.

Defective Road Design and Road Construction Accidents

Have you ever noticed some roadways, intersections, or road construction areas that seem prone to accidents? While there may be different reasons for this, we believe it could be due to a problem in the way the road was designed. Maybe it is a two-lane when it should have been a four-lane, or maybe it has a yield sign where it should have a traffic signal. If you believe the design of the road, intersection, or highway was the cause of your crash, you may be eligible for compensation by the government. This also applies to situations where there is a pothole or loose gravel that has not been repaired. 

Road construction sites are another commonplace for single-vehicle accidents. Road construction accidents can occur when the debris is left in a driving lane or when a sign warning driver of an upcoming lane change or lane merging is not posted with enough distance for the driver to respond in time and fails to avoid debris or collides with road barriers. 

When Defective Tire Blowouts Cause Vehicle Rollovers

While most car accidents involve one or more vehicles, many single-vehicle rollover accidents can be attributed to defective tire blowouts. A tire blowout can occur for several reasons including sidewall deformity, bad tire threads or retreaded tires, missing tire marks to indicate tire recalls, or when a tire shop fails to advertise the age of the tire.

How Negligent Tire Repair Can Lead to Single Vehicle Crash

What’s more dangerous than a defective tire? A used tire that was not properly repaired by a tire shop or mechanic or when a tire shop sells and installs an old or expired tire. 

Some examples of negligent tire repair include:

  • Repairing tires that are too old
  • Failing to notify customers that they should replace the damaged tire
  • Failing to rotate tires with more thread to the rear
  • Patching or plugging a tire that has too many holes
  • Patching a tire that was previously repaired
  • Repairing a tire outside of the “safe” repair area
  • Tire plugs on the sidewall of the tire

Tire Shops: How Selling Old, Recalled, or Defective Tires Puts Drivers At Risk for Serious Injuries

As the cost to manufacture and stock tires increases, tire shops everywhere are trying to unload old and defective tires to unsuspecting customers. Here are some examples of how Tire Shops can be held responsible for car accidents resulting from an old or defective tire: 

  • Labeling expired tires as “new”
  • Selling tires with a visible tear, cut, bubble, or swell
  • Failing to exchange defective tires before the exchange period ends then selling the defective tire
  • Failing to match the tire size with the wheel
  • Storing “new” tires in a hot warehouse

Single Vehicle Accident involving a Reckless Driver, Bicyclist, or Pedestrian

It is possible that a third party, such as another driver, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian, caused your accident without coming in contact with your vehicle. Maybe they ran you off the road or caused you to have to swerve to avoid hitting them. 

Examples of single-vehicle Accidents Involving Reckless Drivers, Motorcyclists, Bicyclists, or Pedestrians: 

  • Another driver fails to yield, obey traffic signals or road signs
  • To avoid colliding with another driver who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, speeding, texting, and driving, driving while tired
  • To avoid colliding with a driver who fails to safely switch lanes or stops suddenly without warning
  • To avoid a motorcyclist who fails to maintain their lane or is lane-splitting
  • To avoid bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road
  • To avoid motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians who fail to wear reflective clothing or gear at night

Is Compensation Available for Single Vehicle Accidents?

Even if there is no one else that can be held liable for your accident, if you are compliant with Florida’s insurance laws and have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage, you may qualify to file a claim. Personal injury protection insurance is typically available to you no matter who or what caused the accident. 

Florida Single Vehicle Accident Lawyers Here For You

If you have been injured in a single-vehicle accident, don’t just assume there is no way for you to recover for the damages you have sustained. Contact a Florida motor vehicle accident lawyer at Clark Fountain to find out what options are available to you. We may be reached via our contact page.