Mon 10th Jun | 2013

More than 300 Wrong-Way Driving Accidents Each Year

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The wrong-way collision is one of the nation’s deadliest types of vehicle accidents. Even as the number of people killed in accidents every year has dropped in the last few years, the number of fatalities in wrong-way accidents has remained the roughly the same.

Wrong-way accidents, when and why?

The National Transportation Safety Board recently conducted a study into the causes of wrong-way accidents, which revealed these accidents are typically severe and result in multiple fatalities and injuries. The study also revealed there are more than 300 wrong-way accidents per year. The NTSB report found that most of the wrong-way accidents occur at night and in the lane nearest the median. Florida wrongful death attorneys know the single biggest factor in these types of accidents is alcohol, and more than half of all wrong-way accidents occur because of a driver who had been drinking. Seniors are also at much higher risk to be involved in a wrong-way driving accident than younger drivers. The NTSB report states that clearly marked highway exit ramps that are easily accessible and visible to motorists reduce driver confusion, especially at night. These could cut down on the number of wrong-way accidents every year and the report urges individual states to invest in increasing and enhancing signage, better lighting, and better roadway marking.

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