Sun 31st Aug | 2014

Georgia Accident Case Settles for Substantial Ammount

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In mid-July of 2011, our client Hepburn Williams was operating a tractor as part of his job as a moving contractor. While traveling north on I-75 in Byron, Georgia, to pick up furniture, Jon E. Jacobs, a Suwanee County business owner, collided into Mr. Williams’ tractor while operating a tractor-trailer his company owned.

As a result of the collision, Mr. Williams sustained significant spinal injuries in his cervical spine. Because his injuries did not improve, he ultimately required spinal surgery at the C5-6 and C6-7 levels in his neck. Partner David C. Prather filed a complaint in Suwanee County and was able to successfully resolve Mr. Williams’ claims for injuries and damages for a substantial amount prior to trial. Remarkably, Mr. Williams has made a significant recovery. However, he will need ongoing medical care for his injuries over his lifetime.