Mon 29th Mar | 2021

Ford Is Having a Bad Year

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At the beginning of 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ordered Ford to recall about 3 million vehicles equipped with defective Takata airbags. The company clashed with NHTSA, arguing that the airbags did not cause a serious problem, but the federal safety organization disagreed. The Takata airbag recalls are the largest series of recalls in U.S. history, and so far, the defective airbags have caused at least 27 deaths worldwide, as well as more than 400 injuries.

Ford will recall 2.7 million vehicles, including Ford Rangers, Ford Fusions, Ford Edges, Lincoln MKZs, Zephyrs, and MKZs; and Mercury Milans from model years 2006 to 2012. The recall will cost the company about $610 million, and you can find out if your vehicle was affected by entering your 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) on the NHTSA’s recalls website.

Bronco Sport Recalls

Unfortunately, the January recalls were only the beginning of Ford’s 2021 woes. On February 19, 2021, the company announced its recall of 1,666 Bronco Sports for a rear suspension flaw that could reduce protection during rear impacts and decrease vehicle stability. On February 26, Ford recalled another 105 vehicles for a defective control arm that could increase the risk of rollover. The company estimates that 50% of the recalled vehicles are defective.

Although both of these issues affect the safety of the vehicle, Ford had not received any news of injuries or death related to the flaws as of February 26. Still, industry observers are worried about the “perceived systemic breakdowns that cause [the recalls] to occur.” At Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman, we can’t help but agree.

What if a consumer had discovered the defects during a rear-end accident or a rollover?

What about the hundreds of people who have already fallen prey to defective airbags?

These are the questions we are here to ask for the victims of car accidents caused by defective automobiles and auto parts.

Were You Injured In An Accident While Driving a Recalled or Defective Vehicle?

If you were injured while driving a recalled or defective vehicle, you may have a right to compensation. Our expert injury attorneys have litigated cases against a multitude of major manufacturers and have secured significant verdicts and settlements for our clients including:

  • Past and Future Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages and or Benefits
  • Reduced Earning Potential
  • Diminished Quality of Life
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Temporary or Permanent Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Vehicle or Property Damage
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Funeral and Burial Expenses

Confidential Settlement Reached in Wrongful Death of a 15-Year-Old Boy Due to Defective Seatback

A father, mother, and their 15 and 19-year-old sons were all properly seat belted and stopped at a red light when their vehicle was struck from behind by an impaired driver. The impact of the crash caused the driver’s seatback to collapse rearward, striking the 15-year-old boy in the back seat and causing fatal head injuries. The boy’s father, mother, and older brother sustained only minor injuries.

The case was referred to Clark Fountain after being turned down by three other law firms. Partners Donald R. Fountain, Mark W. Clark, and Attorney Ben J. Whitman hired a team of experts and brought suit against the vehicle manufacturer and the designer of the seats after discovering a series of seatback design defects and failures that lead to the young man’s death. Namely, the driver’s seatback was unstable, which caused it to recline dynamically rearward upon impact. The trailing edge of the driver’s seatback and the metal structural components in the upper seatback were not strong enough and bent at the location where holes had been placed in the metal structure to attach other components. In addition, the trailing edge of the seat was not sufficiently padded to prevent serious injury to rear seat occupants.

When the driver’s seatback abruptly collapsed into the rear occupant compartment, the pocketed internal design of the steel braces in the upper part of the seatback captured and held the young man’s face and head, causing his fatal injuries. The parties were able to reach a confidential monetary settlement that also included the return of the vehicle and seat to the manufacturer defendants. Although the settlement allows some degree of closure for our clients, our hope is that the manufacturer will modify the existing design to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring again.

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