Mon 1st Jun | 2015

Clark Fountain Earns Substantial Settlement

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Mark W. Clark and Christa L. McCann recently made a significant recovery on behalf of a young woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury, including temporal and occipital bone fractures and a frontal hemorrhagic contusion, as well as neck and back injuries after being thrown from a golf cart being operated by the Plaintiff’s friend, a minor.

Clark and McCann brought suit against the owner of the golf cart as well as the parent and natural guardian of the minor driver. Although the Defendants denied liability and maintained throughout the course of the litigation that the Plaintiff was solely at fault for causing her own injuries due to her allegedly jumping up and down on the back of the golf cart just prior to the accident, Clark and McCann were able to establish through the testimony of a non-party witness that the Defendant driver violently swerved the golf cart, causing the Plaintiff to hit her head on the frame of the golf cart and be ejected from the rear, subsequently striking her head, neck and back on the pavement.

As a result, the Defendants agreed to a substantial settlement to compensate the Plaintiff for her ongoing physical and cognitive injuries caused by the accident.