Wed 5th Jun | 2013

An Unfavorable Ruling Isn’t Always the End

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At the beginning of your case, you look forward to a favorable outcome. You just know that you’re going to win your case because the facts are on your side and so is the law. Then the judgment comes down or the verdict is read, and you’re in shock. The judge or jury didn’t see things your way. Now what?

You may have a better chance in round two of the fight

Many people lose heart when they receive an unfavorable verdict from a lower court. Their attorney may encourage them to appeal and try to keep their hopes up, but so often people are tired and want to give up even when they have a good chance of winning. The appeal’s court often sees what the lower court did not and will examine everything that occurred in the first case. Florida appeals attorneys know whether your case involved personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, or a business matter the outcome of case doesn’t have to end at the lower court level. The Appellate court doesn’t retry the case; it simply ensures that your case was handled correctly.

Experienced Appellate attorney in Florida

Don’t lose hope simply because your case didn’t turn out the way you planned the first time. Put an experienced appellate attorney in Florida on your side that knows best appellate practices to get the results you need.