Fri 7th Jun | 2013

Airbag Injuries Most Often Related to Height

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You hope your vehicle’s airbags will protect you in an accident and, in most cases, they do. When it comes to shorter and taller people, however, the airbags do not adequately protect them and may even lead to serious injuries.

Children and smaller adults at risk for injury from airbags

According to a study by the Oregon Health & Science University and reported on WebMD, accident statistics from a 10-year period showed 52,552 drivers and 14,732 passengers were involved in motor vehicle accidents. Passengers in the front seat that were of medium height (between 5 foot, 3 inches, and 5 foot, 11 inches) were fairly well protected when the airbags deployed. In drivers over 6 foot 3 inches, airbags increased the risk for serious injury by 5 percent; drivers shorter than 4 foot 11 inches showed a 4 percent increase in injury. Tampa attorneys for airbag injuries know that not every person in a vehicle accident is protected when the airbag deploys, and they many people suffer abrasions and bruises from the devices. It is important for drivers and passengers to wear seat belts and to allow as much room as possible between the airbag and the person to give the airbag enough room to open if necessary.

Airbag injury attorney in Tampa

You expect the airbag in your vehicle to protect you, not harm you, but when it causes you injury, you need an experienced airbag injury attorney. When you’ve been injured as a result of airbag deployment, we can help.