Mon 29th Jun | 2015

Airbag Deployment Results in Profound Hearing Loss and Closed Head Injury

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Mark W. Clark and Christa L. McCann recently obtained a confidential settlement for a client who suffered severe and permanent hearing loss after her vehicle’s side airbag deployed during a collision. She also suffered a closed head injury resulting in memory loss and anxiety.

Clark and McCann were able to establish through the client’s treating physicians that, as a result of the airbag deployment, she had suffered a cochlear contusion, benign positional vertigo, and hypermobility of the tympanic membrane, for which she was required to undergo several Epley repositioning procedures. In addition, she is now required to use custom hearing aids to help improve her profound loss of speech discrimination and word recognition; however, her pre-accident hearing will never be restored. The defendant ultimately agreed to a confidential settlement to compensate the client for her permanent hearing loss, cognitive issues, vertigo and balance issues, as well as her ongoing future medical expenses.