While wrong-site surgeries and medication errors often terrible, there is one form of negligence that outweighs them in both prevalence and fatality rate: medical misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis often leads to delayed or wrongful treatment, which can result in life-altering harm. Both recent and past studies paint a picture that shows how truly common and terrible misdiagnosis errors can be.

Here are findings regarding the effect of misdiagnosis on U.S. patients:

  • 75% of mistaken diagnoses were a result of negligence
  • There are 12 million diagnostic errors on an annual basis
  • Misdiagnosis results in nearly 40,000 deaths a year—as much as breast cancer
  • Around 28% of diagnostic errors led to life-threatening or life-altering circumstances

When people are harmed by negligence, they deserve to receive compensation and support from those that harmed them. That’s the central idea behind the law and our firm’s efforts. Our Florida misdiagnosis lawyers fight to provide the injured with the care they need. Clark Fountain wants to provide patients and their families with the advocacy to hold healthcare providers accountable for the harm they cause.

Medical Misdiagnosis & Your Health

Not all misdiagnoses are negligent—according to the above statistics, 1 in 4 are considered part of the natural uncertainty of medicine. In order to prove negligence in your case, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your care with careful and experienced examination. Once we have the evidence we need, we can build a case that demands the financial support you’re entitled to.

Misdiagnosis cases require the following:

  1. Proof of an official patient-doctor relationship
  2. Proof of a doctor’s negligence or lack of care in his/her diagnosis
  3. Proof that your doctor’s diagnosis led directly to your harm

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