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When medical equipment doesn’t function properly, patients bear the brunt of the blow. Consider a patient who is waiting on the results of her diagnostic imaging tests to see if she needs chemotherapy or a patient who needs a pacemaker to keep his heart beating. When medical devices fail, it can be life-threatening to the patient.

When injury or tragedy strikes in association with your medical care, it can be difficult or even impossible to understand the “why.” Sometimes, poor outcomes are simply a reality of medicine. In other cases, these types of incidents are the direct result of a medical practitioner or hospital’s negligence. Sometimes, they are caused by poor manufacturing, failure to warn, or defects in design. Patients who endure preventable injuries at the hands of a doctor or hospital who failed to adhere to the accepted standard of care may have the right to file a medical malpractice claim to pursue compensation for their injuries.

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The Likelihood That Your Device Failure Harmed You

According to the FDA, they receive hundreds of thousands of reports every year about medical equipment whose failures directly led to patient death or harm. That’s why they require certain individuals to submit reports of any adverse events involving medical equipment. With this many instances of harm, patients have the right to hold manufacturers accountable for the damage they cause.

The proofs needed for your medical malpractice case will involve 4 elements:

  1. The duty of the device;
  2. The failure of the device to fulfill that duty;
  3. Your damages; and
  4. Proof that directly connects the equipment’s failure to your injury.

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Proving a device’s role in your medical malpractice case may be complex and lengthy—but our team of board certified product liability and medical malpractice specialists are more than ready for the challenge. They will carefully investigate your case, drawing tangible connections between the manufacturer’s fault and your injuries. Our relentless approach means no detail small enough to escape our notice, and no obstacle is too big for us to handle.

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