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Every surgery, no matter how minor, carries with it a certain amount of risk. Though great pains are taken to prevent errors in the operating room, some patients wake up to find a preventable mistake had been made during their surgery.

Common Causes for Surgical Errors

  • Surgeon Incompetence: Skill and precision are paramount in surgery. When a surgeon lacks the necessary skills for a specific procedure, the consequences can be dire. We understand the critical importance of verifying a surgeon’s competence and are prepared to investigate their qualifications rigorously, ensuring justice for our clients.
  • Improper Surgery Techniques: Every step in a surgical procedure is critical. Skipping steps or employing improper techniques to save time not only compromises patient safety but also indicates a breach of standard care protocols. Our legal expertise allows us to discern these lapses and hold responsible parties accountable.
  • Insufficient Preoperative Planning: Thorough preparation is the foundation of successful surgery. Rushed or inadequate preoperative planning can lead to catastrophic errors. We meticulously review preoperative procedures to identify any negligence or oversight that may have led to your suffering.
  • Surgeon Fatigue: The demanding nature of surgical professions can lead to fatigue, which significantly impacts a surgeon’s performance. Our legal team understands the complexities surrounding these circumstances and can expertly navigate claims involving surgeon fatigue.
  • Poor Communication: Effective communication is a cornerstone of successful surgery. Miscommunication or misinformation can have serious implications for patient health. We are committed to uncovering the truth in cases where poor communication has resulted in harm.
  • Neglect, such as Failure to Sterilize Instruments: Negligence in maintaining surgical standards, such as failing to properly sterilize instruments, can lead to infections and other severe complications. Our experienced attorneys are adept at identifying such neglect and pursuing appropriate legal action.

About Common Surgical Errors

To prove surgical error occurred, you will need to carefully examine hospital records, interview staff, and retain objective medical experts. That is why it is often beneficial to retain the counsel of a skilled personal injury following such an event. You must also prove that a legitimate surgical error caused sufficient enough damage to warrant compensation.

Common types of surgical errors can include:

  • Nerve Injury During Surgery: Surgical procedures require extreme precision, especially when working near nerves. Injuries to nerves during surgery can lead to long-term complications such as loss of sensation or function in certain areas. This type of injury often arises from surgical inaccuracy or lack of awareness of the nerve’s location. Our legal team thoroughly investigates such cases to determine if a breach in standard surgical care led to the injury.
  • Issues with Anesthesia – Too Much or Too Little: Anesthesia must be precisely administered. Too much anesthesia can lead to severe complications like coma or respiratory failure, while too little can result in excruciating pain and awareness during the procedure. Our attorneys are experienced in examining anesthesia protocols and practitioner qualifications to ensure that any negligence in this critical area is addressed.
  • Performing an Incision at the Wrong Location: Accuracy is crucial in surgery. An incision made in the wrong location can cause unnecessary harm and may lead to further surgical complications or additional operations. We examine surgical plans and the execution of procedures to identify where and how such grave errors occurred.
  • Leaving a Piece of Equipment Inside a Patient: Leaving surgical equipment inside a patient post-operation is a serious error that can cause infection, pain, and other complications. This is often a result of poor surgical management or oversight. Our firm has the resources to investigate these incidents and hold accountable those responsible.
  • Operating on the Wrong Body Part: Operating on the wrong body part is a devastating error that can cause irreversible damage and emotional trauma. This error typically stems from preoperative mistakes or miscommunication. We are committed to uncovering how such a critical error occurred and seeking justice for affected patients.
  • Operating on the Wrong Patient: Operating on the wrong patient is a clear indication of systemic failures in patient verification processes and surgical preparation. These mistakes can have life-altering consequences for both the patient operated on erroneously and the one who missed their necessary procedure. Our team delves into hospital procedures to understand how such a mix-up could have happened and work to ensure those impacted are compensated.

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Surgical errors due to negligence are simply unacceptable in the operating room. Navigating a surgical errors claim can be complex and confusing, which is why you should turn to a skilled lawyer to ensure just compensation is recovered in your case.

Why You Need Counsel for Your Case

Hospitals are well-defended from liability by state laws and teams of experienced lawyers. Figuring out medical malpractice claims after suffering an injury due to surgical error can be a nightmare. Without legal help, you and your loved ones may never receive the compensation you deserve.

Instead of being burdened by increasing medical costs as you seek to remedy the original mistake, make sure you seek qualified legal counsel from surgical error attorneys in Florida that understand your case.

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