Hospital falls are among the most prevalent and difficult problems healthcare providers deal with today. Falls can result from inattentive care, poorly-positioned beds, and poor response times to the “care bells” that patients ring for help. Falls are actually listed alongside wrong-site surgery and wrongful amputation when it comes to “never events,” or events that are never justifiable for patients under attentive hospital care. Patients who fall can suffer from:

  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Internal Bleeding

What’s worse, is that an estimated one-third of these falls are preventable. Hospitals must take necessary fall prevention measures, including assessing a patient’s risk for falling (such as difficulty walking, medication side effects, and confusion) and facilitating a safe environment in response. If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to a fall, you may be able to pursue compensation for that harm. Even if hospitals pay for your care as a result of a fall, they do not pay for pain and suffering, for lost earning capacity, or lost quality of life. Our role at Clark Fountain is to make sure our clients receive financial support by holding the doctors and hospitals accountable for their negligence.

Hospital Fall Statistics

According to The Joint Commission, thousands of patients fall in hospitals annually at an injury rate of 30-50%. Patients who fall are typically:

  • Elderly
  • Frail
  • Have just undergone a major surgery or injury
  • Are physically and/or mentally impaired due to medications
  • Weakened state from diagnostic testing and other procedures

If there are 1 million falls in U.S. hospitals every year, The Joint Commission estimates that up to 500,000 of those patients will be injured. That means that up to 500,000 patients will have to spend more time in the hospital and undergo additional treatment, in many cases, that can cost thousands of dollars. According to The Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event database, the most common causes of hospital falls are:

  • Inadequate patient assessment
  • Lapses in communication
  • Failure to adhere to safety protocols
  • Inadequate staffing or supervision of staff
  • Failure to properly maintain the hospital’s environment
  • Poor leadership

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Why Falls in Hospitals Are a Serious Issue

According to recent statistics, there are between 700,000 and 1 million falls every year. Nearly half of them result in serious injury. Falls can lead to complications such as fractures, internal bleeding, and lacerations. Why are falls an issue? Because as the patient population in the U.S. grows older, the more likely a fall could lead to potentially fatal injuries. 22% of patients in the U.S. are now 74 years old or older. Without care that reflects their needs, patients will continue to fall and receive preventable injuries.

At Clark Fountain, we find that unacceptable.

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