Bedsores (also known as decubitus ulcerspressure sores, or pressure ulcers) are open flesh wounds that develop from lying or sitting in the same position for prolonged periods. Wounds can easily become infected if left unattended. As a result, bedsores can be fatal if untreated, particularly for those with compromised health or vulnerable immune systems.

Developing bed sores at an inpatient facility or while in the care of a long-term care facility or nursing home is unacceptable. It often takes weeks or months to develop bedsores, meaning bedsores are caused by a pattern of neglect and treatment that consistently falls well below the acceptable standard of care for a healthcare facility.

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The Stages & Symptoms of Bedsores

Bedsores usually happen at the points of the body where the bones protrude to the surface. This includes the hips, shoulders, spine, and head. However, bedsores can appear anywhere the patient has prolonged pressure. Some bedsores do not meet the normal symptom requirements—for example, deep tissue sores will not break the skin. Instead, it will appear as a deep and mushy bruise. If you see this on yourself or a loved one, seek medical attention immediately.

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Bedsores come in 4 stages, with specific symptoms unique to each stage:

  • Stage I — No open wound. The skin on the area is warm and red, but hardened. Pressure will not change its color like healthy skin would.
  • Stage II — The skin begins to break, wear away, or form blisters and ulcers. It may form a small opening that will still be shallow. It will continue to be sore and painful.
  • Stage III — The ulcer will deepen, eating all the way through the skin. Some of the fat layers underneath the skin will be visible.
  • Stage IV — The sore has eaten all the way through to the bone and tendons. At this stage, the patient is at risk for severe bone infection and blood infection, or sepsis.
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