Wrongful amputations, or “wrong site surgeries,” are one of a handful of medical “never events.” Never events are a fairly new medical phrase coined to describe procedures that are shockingly harmful and entirely due to the negligence of a hospital or its staff. In other words, they should have never happened. These mistakes can include amputating the wrong limb, amputating a limb unnecessarily, or leaving a surgical instrument inside of the patient after a procedure, necessitating subsequent surgeries.

Up to 4,000 never events occur in the United States every year. Some experts theorize that the rate is growing because doctors are dealing with more patients every year, owing to an aging population. In Britain, the rate of wrongful amputations alone jumped from 27 in 2003 to 40 in 2006. Approximately 65% of U.S. nurses believe that wrong-site surgery is a major safety concern, and the attorneys at Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman agree.

Our West Palm Beach lawyers are among the most passionate advocates for patients harmed by medical malpractice, including wrongful amputations. Backed by more than 200 years of experience, we hold negligent healthcare professionals responsible for their breach in standard of care. Call us directly to learn if you are entitled to pursue this type of personal injury claim.

What It Takes to Prove Medical Negligence in an Amputation Case

It might seem straightforward to prove that your amputation was the result of medical negligence in court, but malpractice cases are purposefully complex. The law wants to protect doctors from an excessive amount of medical malpractice cases. However, the lawyers at Clark Fountain know what it takes to prove negligence in court.

Medical malpractice cases need proof of the following elements:

  • The doctor’s duty of care
  • Your damages
  • The doctor’s negligence
  • How negligence led to your damages

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These are the cornerstones of your case, which often require careful investigation and thorough understanding of your case. One look at Clark Fountain’s case results will demonstrate that we have the skills and insight for fight for the victims of wrongful amputation, no matter how complex or difficult the case may be.

Why Is Clark Fountain Right for Your Case?

Our attorneys understand the grief, rage, and sense of injustice that can plague medical malpractice victims. What drives the medical malpractice lawyers at Clark Fountain is a desire to make our client’s voice heard. Our firm is here to speak on your behalf against even the most formidable adversaries, making sure justice is served and medical malpractice victims receive the care they need for life.

Significant Case Results


$2M Settlement Obtained for Lawn Maintenance Employee for Amputation


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Clients trust us with their medical malpractice cases because we have:

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  • Tenaciousness to resolve your case, no matter how long it takes
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At Clark Fountain, we only collect a fee if our West Palm Beach amputation lawyers recover in court—otherwise, we absorb the risks involved with your trial. Our policy allows anyone, no matter their financial situation, to seek the closure and financial support they need.