What is Bad Faith Claims Handling?

Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith to their policyholders. They are contractually obligated to uphold the terms and conditions of their customers’ policies. When this doesn’t happen, policyholders can bring insurance bad faith claims against their insurance company.

These types of claims seek financial compensation for the wrong and financial losses the policyholder suffered as a result of the alleged bad faith. You may not be sure if you have this type of claim, but that’s what we are here for. Clark Fountain’s experienced attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry and know the strategies that are often necessary to pursue justice for policyholders.

If you believe you need to bring an action against an insurance company for breaching its duty to act in good faith towards you, turn to Clark Fountain for a free initial review.

Identifying Bad Faith Practices

Are you a victim of bad faith insurance practices? You may wondering how you can identify such instances to ensure that you have a valid and strong case to bring forward.

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The following are examples of insurance bad faith:

  • Unreasonably delays on claim decisions
  • Denial of legitimate claims made by insured party
  • Failure to effectively investigate a claim
  • Demand of unreasonable action, evidence, etc.
  • Failure to settle the claim in accordance with the policy limits
  • Deceptive or dishonest practices by insurance companies
  • Failure to provide reason for a denied claim

If you have endured a similar situation, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel. Now is the time to discuss your case with a qualified insurance bad faith attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida. When facing insurance companies, you are up against a seemingly insurmountable opponent with deep pockets. The good news? We are always fighting for you when you call on us. Our firm has gone the distance against insurance companies and knows how to secure justice on your behalf.

Handling Your Insurance Bad Faith Case with Expertise

At Clark Fountain, we can fight for the full rights and benefits owed you by an insurance company. Settling a bad faith case in court can be a tricky process and you need insurance bad faith lawyers who are experts in their fields and dedicated to putting you first.

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While the insurance company has the right to deny claims based on valid reasons, many times insurance companies seek to act in their own interests and deny or delay completely valid claims. That is why Clark Fountain is here to help. We do everything within the bounds of ethics to aggressively fight for your rights and reach innovative agreements. Our firm’s dedication to excellence is evidenced in the $817+ million we have obtained on behalf of our clients since our founding.

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