The laws governing the relationship between doctors and hospitals are known as medical staff bylaws. These bylaws allow for credentialing processes to be taken to determine whether or not a doctor is granted medical staff privileges at a particular hospital or healthcare center. There are also times that peer review committees will look at actions taken by a specific doctor and determine that doctor’s fitness to continue his or her career as a physician at their hospital.

If you believe that a hospital is considering credentialing actions against you, do not hesitate to contact an attorney who is well-versed in the credentialing and peer review processes. At Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman, our hospital credential lawyers in Florida can provide sound legal advice and exceptional representation.

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Representing Medical Staff in Credentialing Cases

Whether you are facing adversity as a doctor, nurse, physician, dentist, or chiropractor, our firm is equipped to investigate the circumstances surrounding your case. Peer review can even become an issue when it is economically or politically motivated. If you think you may be subject to unfair or biased peer review, take preemptive action and consult an attorney from Clark Fountain. With over 200 years of shared experience, our Florida attorneys have an advantage over most other law firms.

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Representing Injured Victims in Negligent Credentialing Cases

Sometimes the hospital’s failure to properly credential its doctors leads to catastrophic injury. Our firm handles a major negligent credentialing case which had resulted in the paralysis of our client. The case was tried and a Palm Beach County jury awarded a verdict, which the Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld.

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Our goal in hospital credentialing cases is to reach an agreement with the hospital quickly, so we can get you back to caring for your patients and furthering your career. We care for our clients and don’t take a one size fits all approach to our caseload. Every unique aspect of your case will be studied and our attorneys will look for innovative ways to reach an agreement. By functioning on a contingency fee basis—meaning if you don’t get paid, we won’t get paid—we can focus on the task at hand and ensure we are all on the same team. In the event that negligent credentialing has occurred, our goal is to investigate and ascertain whether the hospital’s failure to properly credential one of its doctors led to the injury our client suffered, necessitating a settlement or jury verdict.

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