As a leading law firm in Florida and beyond, Clark Fountain stands ready to guide you through even the most complex class action lawsuits. These types of legal matters require extensive knowledge, resources, and understanding. In our collective 200+ years of experience, our Florida class action attorneys have developed a strong grasp of the laws and complexities surrounding such cases. We provide the detailed attention and support that most firms cannot during such extensive litigation.

We have extensive experience representing collective groups of people who have all been wronged by the same defendant(s) in the same way(s). Class action lawsuits can be common in cases involving product defects, for example, and in this arena, our experience is unparalleled. We have handled a variety of airbag, seatbelt, and tire defect claims, for example, securing substantial settlements for injured parties. Class action lawsuits are best handled by attorneys experienced in this field, and experience is what Clark Fountain has to offer to individuals in West Palm Beach, Florida, and beyond.

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About Class Action Claims

When a large number of people are negatively affected by the same individual, company, or other entity, it is possible to take legal action via a class action lawsuit. In a class action lawsuit, an opportunity is created for the wrongs suffered by multiple people to be resolved in one lawsuit.

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These can include cases involving:

  • Defective Drugs
  • Dangerous Medical Devices
  • Large Aviation Accidents
  • Oil Spills or Similar Disasters

Our firm has taken on big name companies like General Motors (GM) and is not afraid to put this experience to work on your behalf.

Benefits of Pursuing a Class Action Suit

Because many class action claims involve multi-million dollar corporations and hundreds or more wronged plaintiffs, it can be beneficial to bring multiple cases forward through one class action at the same time.

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More than that, one individual claim may not be able to substantially prove the fault, wrongdoing, or negligence of the defendant. In comparison, 100+ claims could demonstrate a serious problem and violation of consumer laws on behalf of the defendant. The more cases involved, the stronger the voice of the injured. A class action lawsuit can also help bring about a consistent and more efficient ruling, rather than each individual having to bring forward their case and hope for a positive resolution.

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