Thu 21st Dec | 2023

The Dangers of Defective Batteries Manufactured in China

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Experiencing a long-term, life-altering injury for any reason can entitle a victim to extensive damages, including coverage for medical bills and property damages, the replacement of any lost wages or future earnings ability, and in some instances damages for pain and suffering as well. The unique facts and circumstances of your injury determine the best pathway to collect the damages you deserve. Knowing how to file your claim and prove your damages can be difficult, and if the insurance company of the liable party won’t offer a settlement a lawsuit is a complex and time-consuming process. 

If a defective Chinese battery has injured you, a defective batteries lawyer from Clark Fountain can help you determine the best legal strategy to collect the compensation you deserve for the injuries you and your family experienced as a result of a defective battery, and will handle the entire process on your behalf. 

Known Dangers Associated with Batteries to Look Out For

Unfortunately, defective batteries can be a part of a wide array of products and pose a broad range of risks depending upon the type, application, and even brand of the battery. Issues that lead to malfunctions that users consider to be their own errors may be due to defective batteries. If you were injured using a battery-powered tool or other object, connecting with a defective batteries lawyer can help determine if you have a case and how to approach it best if you do. 

Following are some common instances where defective batteries have been particularly prevalent: 

  • Automobile batteries – defects in these can result in fires, injuries from burns or smoke inhalation, while other defects and malfunctions could lead to accidents. Some brands known to have defects are AC Delco and Interstate Battery MTP-93. 
  • Marine batteries – brands such as Odyssey Extreme Marine and Interstate AGM Battery have been known to cause fires, learning to burn and smoke inhalation injuries
  • E-cigarette batteries – brands such as Juul and Blu have led to not only fires but also lung injuries, leading to long-term respiratory issues
  • Mobile devices batteries – brands models including the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or the iPhone 7 were known to cause fires, resulting in burns in smoke inhalation issues
  • Power tool batteries – DeWalt cordless drills, Bosch leaf blowers, and more commonly used power tool batteries have been defective, causing fires that lead to burns and issues with smoke inhalation
  • Laptop batteries – the HP ProBook, the Apple MacBook Pro, and others have been known to cause fires and smoke inhalation injury due to fire malfunctions
  • Electric bike and scooter batteries – fires have been known to happen in Razor and Bird electric scooter batteries, which can lead to injuries upon malfunction or burn injuries from the fire itself 

Connect with a Defective Batteries Lawyer for Help on Your Claim

While many of our potential new clients worry that they cannot afford the valuable services of our experienced personal injury lawyers, that is simply not the case. We charge nothing for your initial consultation, and you only get paid if we win, meaning you never have any out-of-pocket costs. To learn more, reach out to Clark Fountain to schedule your initial risk-free, cost-free case review by giving us a call at 561-559-7845, or visit our site to book a consultation.