Fri 9th Jun | 2023

Jennifer A. Dinetz Secures Settlement Against Utility Company in Tragic Teenage Electrocution Fatality

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In a significant victory for the family of a seventeen-year-old boy who lost his life in a devastating electrocution incident, Jennifer A. Dinetz, an experienced trial attorney, has secured a settlement against a major utility company. The settlement holds the utility company accountable for its negligence, bringing a measure of justice to the grieving family.

In the summer of 2022, when the teenager was driving on a Florida highway after rainfall. The treacherous road conditions, coupled with a sharp turn and poor lighting, caused his vehicle to collide with a dangerously old and brittle wooden utility pole holding unsecured high voltage wires overhead.  The collision caused the pole to fall, spanning across the roadway with live electrical wires exposed. Tragically, as there was no overcurrent circuit protection device, the teenager came into contact with the electrified area, leading to his untimely gruesome death.

Following a thorough investigation, Jennifer A. Dinetz uncovered multiple failures on the part of the utility company, including the age and condition of the pole, the lack of necessary safety measures, and the company’s negligence in installing protection to cease power to downed wires. Dinetz’s relentless advocacy for her clients has resulted in numerous notable settlements and verdicts, demonstrating her commitment to justice and the rights of those affected by catastrophic incidents.

Reflecting on the case, Jennifer A. Dinetz expressed her deep sorrow for the loss of the young life and emphasized the importance of holding the responsible party accountable. She stated, “The grief this family will always feel is unimaginable – and was also preventable. Our investigation revealed a series of failures on behalf of the utility company that contributed to this devastating incident. Holding the responsible party accountable and securing a settlement for the family is a small step towards justice.”

If you or a loved one have experienced a similar incident involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, Jennifer A. Dinetz encourages you to contact our office for a case evaluation. Her dedication to seeking justice and her track record of successful settlements and verdicts make her a powerful ally in the pursuit of legal remedies.