Thu 23rd Aug | 2018

Is Your Personal Injury Case Valid & Worthwhile?

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When you want to file a personal injury claim, you might be met by an insurance company that quickly calls your lawsuit “frivolous” or invalid. What does this mean, and should you be concerned about it?

A frivolous lawsuit is a claim without any legal merit but is filed anyway to try to grab a settlement or verdict on the off chance the defendant simply does not want to deal with the situation. Insurance companies often say there are countless frivolous lawsuits clogging America’s courts, but this is a gross exaggeration. In reality, frivolous lawsuits are few and far between thanks to attorney dedication and professionalism.

Injury Attorneys Weed Out Frivolous Lawsuits Upfront

Personal injury lawyers have a reputation to uphold. Knowingly filing frivolous lawsuits would rapidly sully that reputation and drive them out of business. Additionally, injury attorneys work for contingency fees, which means they do not get paid attorney fees unless they win a settlement or jury award for their client. If they were trying to push frivolous lawsuits, they would be wasting valuable time and resources on a case that would never provide them a paycheck. With this said, insurance companies really do not need to worry about frivolous lawsuits because personal injury lawyers are already acting as lawsuit gatekeepers for them.

On the other hand, contingency fee agreements are beneficial for clients as well. Most people do not have money on the side to retain an attorney to represent them, but contingency fees allow them to get the help they need without reaching for their pocketbooks first. Furthermore, clients can find out upfront if they have a valid case, rather than trying to take something all the way to court just to discover the judge dismisses it right away.

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