Mon 25th Feb | 2019

How Dirty Is a Hospital, Really?

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As a patient, you deserve to be treated in a clean hospital that is run by attentive and responsible medical staffers. While there, you are within your right to expect a basic level of care and cleanliness but some recent studies suggest that hospital surfaces, equipment, and water sources are often not as clean as you would expect. Sometimes they are contaminated.

About Healthcare-Related Infections

In 2014, the New England Journal of Medicine surveyed 183 hospitals and discovered that 721,800 inpatients developed healthcare-related infections in 2011. Infections often lead to increased (and costly) hospital stays and exacerbated medical conditions. In a worst-case scenario, an infection can even cause death. The only way to prevent the transmission of deadly and multidrug-resistant organisms is to rigorously clean and disinfect hospital surfaces, linens, and equipment.

The Dirtiest Surfaces in Hospitals

In “The Latest Dirt on Hospital Cleanliness,” Dr. Sonali D. Advani challenges the cleanliness of hospitals. She notes that it is usually the seemingly harmless day-to-day objects that tend to be the most contaminated because they are frequently handled by various people. These objects include:

  • Privacy curtains
  • Hospital bed linens
  • Healthcare personnel clothing (scrubs, lab coats, etc.)
  • Beds and bed rails
  • Supply carts
  • Duodenoscopes (an endoscope that is inserted through the mouth for visual examination)
  • Water sources like sinks and water fountains

The creed of the healthcare industry is to “first, do no harm.” Every medical facility follows cleaning and sterilization protocol to prevent the transmission of dangerous pathogens. However, if a facility has failed to protect you from infectious pathogens, you may have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim. A successful lawsuit can yield damages that account for any medical costs associated with the contracted illness or infection.

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