Sun 18th Mar | 2018

Ford Recalls Over 1 Million Cars Over Loose Steering Wheels

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Ford Motor Company has issued a major recall affecting nearly 1.4 million midsize vehicles in North America over risks posed by steering wheels that can become loose or detach from the steering column. In a public statement released Wednesday, March 14th, Ford reported that the safety recall affects all versions of 2014 to 2018 model-year Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion sedans.

The recall comes after federal regulators discovered that affected vehicles may have potentially loose steering wheel bolts, which could cause the wheel to become loose and separate entirely from the steering column, substantially increasing risks of accidents when a vehicle is in motion. Several accidents and injuries that may have been caused by the faulty steering wheels have been reported.

In addition to reported crashes, the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has received a number of reports from consumers regarding the loose steering wheels, including harrowing stories where steering wheels became loose and inoperative while vehicles were traveling at high rates of speed on highways and interstates. In one report made by a motorist from Tennessee, the steering wheel became so loose that it turned 360 degrees without warning, and detached completely from the steering column.

Ford’s latest recall is a significant concern for vehicle owners, who should contact a licensed dealer for more information about the recall and free repairs. It is also one of several quality issues and recalls from the automaker in recent years. This includes a recall issued over faulty door latches that can cause doors to fly open when vehicles make a turn, as well as a recent recall of certain models of Ford Fusion and Focus vehicles due to risks of fires caused by fractures in the clutch pressure plate.

Auto Recalls, Personal Injury & Victims’ Rights

Ford’s faulty steering wheels and the potential devastation they can cause highlight the importance of safety recalls and the need for consumers to be aware of them. Because such issues can pose considerable risks of auto accidentsserious injuriesprotect yourself from auto recalls, or even death to vehicle occupants and others on the road, they should always be taken seriously – whether you currently own a vehicle or are looking to purchase a new or used car. In a recent blog post, we provide information about ways to .

Unfortunately, as statistics make clear, even the most vigilant and safety conscientious consumer can suffer preventable harm in auto wrecks caused by defective vehicles and auto parts they believed to be safe. When victims suffer serious injuries due to defective products, they have the right to hold automakers and manufacturers accountable and seek a financial recovery of their damages, including their medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

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Our firm’s experience in this field includes successfully opposing nearly every major automotive manufacturer in the world in civil court – from Ford and Firestone to Toyota and Continental Tire. If you have questions regarding an auto accident case that may have been caused by a defective product or have suffered any serious injuries resulting from unsafe and faulty products, you can be confident about placing your trust in our proven attorneys. Contact us to request a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Palm Beach County, Florida, and the U.S.