Fri 4th Oct | 2013

Clark Fountain Client Achieves Nearly $11 Million Verdict Against Continental Tire

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Florida, Fla. (October 4, 2013) – A victim of a horrific tire blowout on I-95 in 2009 who spent over a month in a coma, 102 days in the hospital, underwent 17 surgical procedures and extensive medical treatment, received compensation of nearly $11 million for her catastrophic damages on Oct. 3, 2013, from a Palm Beach County jury who determined that a defect caused the tire’s failure and her injuries.

Attorneys Hampton Keen, Don Fountain, and Julie Littky-Rubin of the Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather, Keen, and Littky-Rubin law firm achieved justice for their clients after a three-week trial and almost four year battle against the defendant, Continental Tire, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

On the afternoon of May 19, 2009, Tracey Parker was driving to her job in Port Saint Lucie when her vehicle’s right rear tire failed and caused the vehicle to roll over three times. Catastrophically injured, she was airlifted to St. Mary Hospital’s Trauma Center in West Palm Beach, where it was feared that she would not survive.

Fountain and Keen contended that a defect in the tire caused it to prematurely fail without warning. According to Keen, at the time of its failure, the Parker tire appeared well maintained, with no uneven tread wear, no repairs, plenty of tread depth, and three years remaining on its warranty.

“We contended that a defect in the tire caused the sudden and catastrophic tire failure,” Keen explained. “We are grateful to the jury who agreed and rendered justice for the Parker family.”

Parker, 39, has three children and is married to Ed, a first-grade school teacher in Palm Beach Gardens.

Continental Tire, a German-owned company, denied all responsibility for the tire’s failure.

“It’s a testament to our great justice system that two ordinary individuals could have their day in court against a corporate giant like Continental,” Keen said.