Thu 4th Feb | 2016

Clark Fountain Attorneys Succeed In Reaching Settlement With GM

Auto Defect BY

Attorneys Poorad Razavi and Don Fountain recently obtained a confidential settlement with automobile maker General Motors. The lawsuit involved the death of a woman who was a passenger in a car involved in a rollover accident that resulted in the roof being crushed. GM focused on shifting liability toward the tortfeasor that had initially caused the accident due to the Florida Legislature’s retraction of the D’Amario case several years earlier.

Razavi and Fountain had to overcome difficult issues with the tortfeasor, who was driving over 100 MPH when he collided with their client’s vehicle, and who has a lengthy criminal record including assault, domestic battery and drug possession. Despite the challenges faced, they were successful in obtaining a favorable confidential settlement on behalf of their client without the need for a lengthy trial.