Fri 14th Oct | 2016

Brake Defect Leads to Toyota Prius Recall

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Following reports of a defect involving the parking brake, which could potentially lead to fatal consequences, the Japanese automaker, Toyota, is recalling 340,000 units of the Prius globally, with the United States accounting for 92,000 of the 2016 and 2017 models. On the recalled models, the parking brake may become inoperative, which means if the driver exits the vehicle while the ignition is on and the transmission is not in “park”, there is a potential for it to roll away and crash.

As a result, Toyota has received reports of crashes, injuries, and deaths, though they are all still being investigated. To address this problem, Toyota released a statement saying that dealers will add clips to the brake cable dust boots, which should prevent it from being inoperative.

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