Fri 26th May | 2017

Attorney Ben Whitman Participates in Liberty Park Elementary School Career Day

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Florida Personal Injury Attorney Ben J. Whitman, Associate at Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman, recently had an opportunity to share his experience in the legal profession with students at Liberty Park Elementary School in Palm Beach County as part of the school’s annual Career Day. The event was held on Tuesday, May 16.

As a Guest Speaker, Mr. Whitman visited classrooms filled with hundreds of students from fourth and fifth, where he discussed what it’s like to be a practicing attorney. Discussions focused on what a typical day in the life of an attorney looks like, as well as where attorneys work (including courtrooms and offices). Mr. Whitman also detailed what it takes to become a legal professional, including the education and training lawyers need to have in order to pass the bar and practice law.

As a proven advocate who focuses his practice on serious injury and complex liability cases, including product liability matters, Mr. Whitman has accumulated extensive experience helping seriously injured victims and their families. Over his years in practice, his work has allowed him to help a diverse clientele who come from all walks of life across the state of Florida, and to passionately protect their rights and futures.