Wed 24th Aug | 2022

Fatal Electrocution Results in Significant Confidential Settlement For Family of Five

Clark Fountain’s Jennifer Dinetz has obtained a significant confidential settlement on behalf of a father of four who was killed after being electrocuted by a high-voltage utility wire. Authorities found him hoisted by his harness 25 feet in the air. The firm’s client was trimming trees in the rear of a home that had become overgrown to maximize privacy but had grown too close to the powerline. 

Dinetz was retained to investigate any avenue of recovery and presented claims against the homeowner, the owner of the utility line, and the tree trimming/vegetation management contractors hired by the owner of the utility line. 

Dinetz filed the lawsuit alleging negligence on the property owner for failing to warn, on the utility company for failing to inspect, and on the vegetation company for failing to carry out the assigned trimming plans. After completing discovery, Dinetz was able to resolve this matter against all Defendants for the benefit of our client’s surviving spouse and four children.