Mon 20th Dec | 2021

Client Suffers Amputation of Arm in Vehicle Rollover Crash

Firm client was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control and rolled over resulting in the traumatic amputation of her arm. The driver of the vehicle was charged and ultimately convicted of DUI causing serious bodily injury.

Mark W. Clark and Jennifer A. Dinetz were retained to pursue a Liquor Liability case against the restaurant / sports bar establishment that served alcoholic beverages to the at-fault driver before the crash.

The case was filed in both state and federal court due to the complexity of the liquor liability laws and insurance coverage issues involved in the case. The lawsuit alleged that the restaurant bar knowingly served alcoholic beverages to a person habitually addicted to alcohol that resulted in the subject crash.

Despite the legal challenges, Clark and Dinetz were able to establish that there was liquor liability coverage for the claim and they were able to secure key testimony from employees of the restaurant bar in order to establish that the bartender knowingly served a habitual alcoholic before the crash. Ultimately, after the lengthy legal battle a confidential settlement was reached with the restaurant bar establishment that provides financial security for the client for the devastating loss of her dominant arm.