Fri 30th Jun | 2023

Clark Fountain Obtains Significant Confidential Settlement Against Tire Manufacturer After New Mexico Crash

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In a landmark legal victory, Clark Fountain, a nationally recognized law firm specializing in tire defect cases, has secured a substantial confidential resolution against a tire manufacturer and multiple defendants involved in a harrowing out-of-state crash. The case, marked by a product defect resulting in a severe tire separation and blowout, caused life-threatening injuries and necessitated multiple surgeries for the driver of the affected vehicle.

Facing the formidable challenge of seasoned national counsel representing the tire manufacturer, compounded by being outnumbered by four separate defense firms, the Albuquerque attorney handling the case realized the need for unparalleled expertise. Recognizing Clark Fountain’s illustrious 25-year history of successfully litigating major tire defect cases nationwide, including an impressive $10 million verdict against Continental Tire, he sought the support and co-counsel of esteemed attorneys Jennifer A. Dinetz and Don Fountain. Clark Fountain routinely collaborates with attorneys across the United States, further solidifying their reputation as tire defect experts.

With the invaluable advantage of prior professional rapport between Clark Fountain and the tire manufacturer’s trial counsel, built through handling numerous cases together, Jennifer A. Dinetz skillfully assumed possession and control of the critical evidence – the tire and the crash vehicle. Utilizing a team of experts, Dinetz meticulously orchestrated comprehensive inspections, accumulating indisputable evidence that ultimately compelled the defendants to seek a resolution at the settlement table. Given the grave nature of the injuries sustained by the truck driver in the tire separation incident, the case necessitated several intense settlement conferences before reaching a mutually agreeable confidential resolution.

“This significant confidential settlement demonstrates our unwavering commitment to seeking justice for those affected by tire defects,” stated Jennifer A. Dinetz, “We are immensely proud to have contributed our expertise to secure a fair resolution for our client and hold the tire manufacturer and other defendants accountable for their actions.”

Clark Fountain’s nationwide reputation as defective product litigators is bolstered by their relentless pursuit of justice and their ability to navigate complex legal landscapes. The firm’s unwavering dedication to clients, coupled with their extensive experience and notable successes, has solidified their position as leaders in the field.

Referral attorneys and consumers seeking representation for tire defect cases can confidently rely on Clark Fountain’s expertise to achieve favorable outcomes and seek appropriate compensation.

About Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman

Clark Fountain is a distinguished law firm renowned for their relentless pursuit of justice in tire defect cases. With an exceptional 25-year history of handling major litigation across the United States, including notable victories such as a $10 million verdict against Continental Tire, the firm has earned nationwide recognition for their tireless advocacy on behalf of clients. Led by experienced attorneys Jennifer A. Dinetz and Don Fountain, Clark Fountain leverages its unparalleled expertise, unwavering dedication, and formidable reputation to secure fair resolutions and hold liable parties accountable.