Thu 17th Aug | 2017

How Product Liability Cases Can Benefit Public Safety

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When manufacturers of consumer products, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and automobiles release their products on the market, they have a legal obligation to ensure those products are safe for their intended use. When products pose unreasonable dangers as a result of flaws or defects that originate in the design, manufacturing, or even marketing phase of a product, manufacturers – as well as distributors, retailers, or others who make products publicly available – can be held liable for serious injuries and damages suffered by victims.

As a West Palm Beach-based personal injury law firm, Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman has earned national recognition for our work handling cases involving serious injuries and deaths caused by defective products, including motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, faulty component parts, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and a myriad of consumer and industrial products.

Having represented numerous clients nationwide against large manufacturers and corporations that caused them harm, our attorneys believe very strongly in the power of the civil justice system to correct injustices as well as urge and bring about safer product designs that benefit society as a whole. By advocating on behalf of seriously injured victims and their loved ones, we not only work to ensure they secure the justice and compensation they deserve, but also to send a message to the manufacturing public that safety should come before profits, and if manufacturers fail to follow this fundamental principle that they will be held accountable in court.

Through our many successful case results, particularly in cases involving product liability, we have harnessed the power of liability laws and our civil justice system to act as a vehicle for change and standards that’s benefit public safety. The firm is especially proud of the fact that individual cases we have handled have brought about universal safer product design and resulted in design changes that make products safer for everyone, Firestone, Goodyear and Cooper tires, Takata and Continental airbags, SUV rollovers from a variety of manufacturers, and recreational boats are only a few examples.

Here are a few important ways liability cases can protect the public:

  • Raising awareness – The civil justice system enables individuals to make their voices heard when they suffer harm or injustices as a result of another’s negligent or wrongful acts. It serves as the venue in which everyday citizens can take on powerful corporations and help raise awareness about their failures to take reasonable steps in protecting the public. Not only can this alert consumers to potentially dangerous and unsafe products, it also builds the momentum needed to compel change on a broader scope. Additionally, raising awareness about unsafe products can help alert government and regulatory officials about potential public safety risks, which can result in warnings, recalls, and even new standards and laws designed to prevent such conduct from harming other innocent victims in the future.
  • Holding corporations accountable – It is an unfortunate truth that corporations behind consumer products, including pharmaceutical medications, all too often prioritize profits over people. When they cut corners or otherwise fail to ensure the safety of products they release to the public, liability cases filed by victims and families are an important part of holding them accountable for not upholding their own legal obligations. These corporations usually employ large legal teams in their efforts to skirt accountability and liability, but they are not always able to hide behind their resources forever.
  • Compelling change – As we have seen throughout the years in many industries, corporations often continue producing unsafe products at the expense of public safety as long as those products continue to make them money. As such, civil product liability cases become critical to hurting corporations where it matters most: their bottom line. Civil judgments, settlements, and even regulatory scrutiny or penalties created by increased awareness of product-related dangers have a strong potential for producing change, including changes in policies or procedures, faulty designs, and other practices that contribute to defective and unsafe products being made available to consumers. Because corporations have demonstrated time and time again that profits are more important than people, they must often be compelled to make changes through legal action, including liability cases.

Many victims and families harmed by consumer products have personal and immediate concerns, including their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and apprehension about their futures. As such, it is more than reasonable to focus liability cases on the here and now – which means fighting aggressively to secure compensation for serious injuries and damages. Still, it is important for victims and families who have suffered as a result of defective products to know the power of their cases, and that they play an important role in a much larger picture.

If you have questions regarding serious injuries caused by consumer products, our Florida personal injury lawyers at Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman are readily available to help. Contact us to request a free evaluation of your case.

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