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How Negligent Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance Leads to Car Accidents

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When you take your automobile to be serviced by a professional mechanic, you expect that when you receive that vehicle back, it will be in good working condition. Sometimes, however, mechanics fail to deliver the reasonable care they are required to provide, and this failure can then cause an accident which leads to you or others being injured. Our auto accident attorneys at Clark Fountain have noticed that some auto repairs tend to be more commonly performed in a negligent manner. 

Repairs & Maintenance Issues Commonly Performed In A Negligent Manner

Some repairs and maintenance issues are more commonly performed in a negligent manner, including:

    • Brake Replacements: When a mechanic is performing brake service on a vehicle, they are required to meet professional standards. These standards include changing worn brake pads, replacing damaged rotor discs, as well as detecting any leaks or low levels of oil pressure. Failure to perform these inspections, or failure to make the necessary changes when problems are discovered, can easily lead to the driver of the vehicle soon experiencing brake failure. Brake failure leads to numerous accidents, injuries, and even death.
    • Power Steering: Power steering is something modern day drivers take for granted. It is a system that allows anyone driving a motor vehicle to easily turn and maneuver their vehicle. This system requires adequate oil levels to run smoothly. Mechanics should check the fluid levels, clear blocked valves, and replace faulty power steering pumps and broken steering belts.
    • Acceleration Issues: Having your car unexpectedly and unintentionally accelerate can be terrifying and can easily cause a collision that results in injuries. While there can be other causes of unintentional acceleration, one of the most common causes is mechanical error when performing work on any part of the car that requires the pedals to be pressed. When acceleration issues occur not long after having your vehicle worked on by a mechanic, it is best to have an inspection performed to determine the cause of the acceleration before having any repairs completed. 
    • Vehicle Fires: the most common causes of vehicle fires involve catalytic converters. The issue occurs when the exhaust pollutants are burning off which could lead to overheating. Other common causes of a vehicle fire are defective electrical or fuel systems, leaking oil, loose electrical wiring, and fuel leaks. 

Can You Sue A Mechanic For A Car Accident? 

Yes, if you are able to prove that a mechanic’s negligence led to an accident that caused injuries, it is possible to hold them liable for that negligence. Mechanics are required to follow a specific code of ethics that regulates their conduct. 

Hurt in a crash? Our Attorneys Handle Motor Vehicle Repair Cases That Result In Car Accidents

Negligent auto repairs and maintenance are often behind accidents that lead to injuries and wrongful death. If you are a victim injured due to the negligent repairs and maintenance performed by a mechanic, you need to speak with preeminent attorneys that understand how to assist you in recovering the compensation you are due. Contact Clark Fountain and speak with one of our Florida personal injury lawyers to find out what we can do for you. We may be reached via our contact page.

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