Fri 19th May | 2017

Clark Fountain Files Lawsuit Over Fatal Electrocution Accident

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Palm Beach County product defect and personal injury attorneys at Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Littky-Rubin & Whitman have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the surviving wife, children and estate of a man who, while installing overhead communication cables from the bucket of his assigned work truck equipped with an uninsulated bucket, suffered an electric shock caused by uninsulated electric service lines. The electrical shock ultimately resulted in his death.

The January 2016 incident claimed the life of an outside technician/lineman tasked with installing overhead service lines and communication cables on utility poles located near a Comfort Inn Motel in Lantana, Florida. The lawsuit names several defendants who are alleged to have played a role in contributing to the man’s preventable death:

  • Florida Power & Light Company – Florida Power & Light installed and owned the electric utility poles, lines, and components located at the Comfort Inn Motel where the decedent was installing overhead service lines. Despite carrying more than 7,000 volts of electricity, some of the utility lines were not insulated and were not temporarily insulated during the work activities.
  • C&N – C&N owned the property where the Comfort Inn is located. The utility lines owned by Florida Power & Light Company were adjacent to the property, where overgrown vegetation blocked and covered utility poles and components.
  • AT&T – AT&T owned and maintained the uninsulated bucket truck that was assigned to the decedent. AT&T purchased the truck and allowed the decedent to use it despite the fact that it did not have the recognized safety features of an insulated and weighted bucket. AT&T also permitted the work to be performed without a helper or spotter on a day when weather reports indicated rain, storms, and gusts over 40 mph.
  • Altec Industries – Altec is the company that designed and sold the bucket truck used by the decedent. It was sold with an uninsulated and unweighted bucket, despite safer alternatives being available that would have reduced risks of electric shock.
  • UC Synergetic – UC Synergetic is an engineering consulting company that provided the plans regarding the design and installation of the overhead cables and communication lines on utility poles located adjacent to the Comfort Inn Motel.
  • Asplundh Tree Expert Company – Asplundh was contracted to clear and remove the vegetation that was blocking the power lines and components at the Comfort Inn Motel location where the decedent was working.

The number of defendants involved in this case speaks to the numerous moving parts that contributed to the fatal electrocution. Had each party upheld its legal duty to operate in a reasonable and safe manner, the lawsuit alleges, many of the risks that ultimately resulted in death could have been mitigated or avoided entirely.

In addition to highlighting the complexity of this case, the number of defendants is indicative of the diligent and meticulous work performed by our legal team. Our attorneys leverage extensive experience and resources to conduct investigations surrounding serious injuries and deaths. Our intent is to collect evidence that shows the incident in question more likely than not could and should have been prevented if not for negligence of the defendants. Because our firm is focused on helping victims and their families secure the maximum compensation possible in every case, it also shows how we explore all potential avenues for establishing liability and ensuring there is ample coverage as we help our clients seek a recovery of their damages.

The loss of this father, husband, and breadwinner has exacted a tremendous financial and emotional burden on this family and our firm is committed to helping this family obtain justice. As Attorney Ben Whitman states:

“We expect the companies we sued to vigorously defend this case and put up every imaginable roadblock in an attempt to prevent this family from finding out why their husband and father was needlessly killed. We will pursue this case to the end and ensure that this family is compensated for the horrific losses they have suffered and will continue to suffer.”

Our legal team intends to fight diligently as this case progresses and, as in all cases we handle, are committed to holding at-fault parties liable for the life-altering consequences their actions created. If you have questions about a potential personal injury case and how our award-winning Florida lawyers can help you, contact us to request an initial consultation.